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  • Inspirational lecture: “Smart Cities” – 29.03.2023

Inspirational lecture: “Smart Cities” – 29.03.2023

Join us for our next on-line inspirational lecture in English. This time we will meet with Jakub Smykowski, the founder of uPark City and a graduate of the Executive MBA programme of the WUT Business School, who will tell us about the Smart City idea.

When? 29 March, 5:00 P.M.


With the increasing pace of urbanisation, cities face immense challenges related to sustainable waste management, mobility, climate adaptation, and energy. As their political, economic, and technological power grows, cities can harness this trend to act as leaders in the green transition and drivers of the green economy aligned with EU goals. Cities need smart solutions to ensure that they are optimised for sustainable economic activity, energy consumption, and positive environmental impacts. These issues will be discussed at our inspirational lecture, to which you are kindly invited.