Executive MBA Open Day

The recruitment process for the new edition of Executive MBA has just begun. Do you want to know more? Take part in Executive MBA Open Day which will take place on 19 March at 6:00 pm  The meeting will be introduced with an inpirational lecture by  prof. Witold Orłowski titled: ‘A virus in China: why are we so worried about the Chinese economy?’. The fears on the markets connected with the coronavirus epidemy look disproportionately high compared with the actual economic size of the problem, at least until now.  Why?  Because today’s China seems to be a perfect victim for a virus.  After 30 years of the robust growth the economy is overindebted and the financial sector look very fragile.  Not to mention the possible political consequences of a crisis. Learn more about the coronavirus’s impact on the chinese and international economy. Join us and be part of this day.

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