Comprehensive Quality Management

One of the most widespread management myths is the belief that people can be motivated to be more involved and more productive at work through rewards and punishments, that is, bonuses and individual honors.

The efficiency may and can be done – this was how they were “motivated” very consistently in concentration camps, although the efficiency was different there as well. For this reason alone, I would never subscribe to such a management system. And there are many more arguments against such a system.

In fact, bonus systems – if at all – provide short-term incentives, mainly to earn bonuses. They have no influence on long-term commitment or even destroy it very effectively. But that won’t be the main topic of the lecture. As part of it, I will answer the following questions:

• What determines the long-term involvement of people?

• What if not to motivate?

• What tools, strategies and communicative skills are needed by a good manager in everyday practice to ensure a high long-term level of commitment of his people?

• How to manage people despite the company’s evaluation and bonus system?

In my now over 40 years of practice in management, I have managed to define 11 conditions responsible for securing the constant involvement of people. The list is open and open for discussion.

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