Tomasz Turzyński

Professional experience:

During classes I won’t tell you what is the right definition of marketing nor what is the difference between advertisement and promotion, PR and communication. What I will tell you is which are the effective, inexpensive and verified communication solutions in practice which support your own business in a relevant way. Everything I say will be based on examples from my own professional experience which stands for over 15 years in Public Relations, CSR and lobbing.

A vast part of my experience I have gained managing consultant teams in the largest Public Relations agencies in Poland. I used to prepaire communication strategies and advised enterprises and brands such as: Unilever Polska, T-Mobile Polska, Grupa Żywiec, Carrefour Polska, Adamed Sp. z o.o, LeasingTeam Sp. z o.o.

The projects which were carried out by teams and which I supervised were receiving main awards and nominations in nationwide and international industry contests.

During classes I will teach you creating a consistent and a long-term image communication which will help standing out from the potential competition’s actions.

I will lay stress on prepairing you to individul contact with journalists, giving interviews and public speaking in front of cameras.

Currently, I’ve been working at Centrum Zarządzania Innowacjami i Transferem Technologii Politechniki Warszawskiej.