Piotr Bucki

Professional experience:

For 16 years he has been helping people in communication in many different fields. He always takes cognitive psychology, neuro-science and psycholingustics as the base to it. He checks the theory in practice cooperating with companies from Chile, Slovenia, Moldavia, Azerbaijan, Austria, Australia and Poland. He’s the co-author and the editor of Startup Manual (Wolves Summit 2015), the author and the counsellor of the BuckiAcademi series published by 4 Głowy publishing house (2016). He publics regularly on InnPoland and the website-bucki.pro. He writes for Maleman, Dolce Vita, Madame, Marketing w Praktyce and many others.

He translated 12 books on psychology and counselling. He co-works with the best startup centersin Poland i.o. LPNT, Inkubator Starter, GPNT i PPNT as well as the largest state programmes in the world – Startup Chile and Inkubatory in Slovenia and Austria.

He attended in i.o. Wolves Summit, Davos Communications Forum, PODIM Slovenia , Internet Beta, Social Media Convent, Inspiration Day in Szczecin, PMI Congress in Antwerpen and many other conferencies in the country and internationally.