Monika Sojda-Gerwatowska

Professional experience:

Attorney-at-law, practitian with may years’ experience in the field of labor law which she gained in international law firms such as: Tokarczuk, Jędrzejczyk i Wspólnicy Kancelaria Prawna GLN sp.k. and PwC Legal.

She’s a graduate from law at Uniwersytet Wrocławski and Robert Schuman’s University in Strasburg and CRIDEAU-CNRS University of Limoges (France).

She advises within individual and group labor law. She has taken part in many privatization and restructuring processes, dismissals of individuals and groups, negociations with trade unions (social packages, regulations). She’s taken part in implementing of employees remuneration systems.

She represents sides during proceedings in the field of labor law. She’s also an author of many articles with labor law.