Monika Kozakiewicz

Profesional experience:
20+ years of project work in various areas in the international business environment (financial, local government, scientific institutions, health care, airports).

Monika says that she likes people and that is why she is passionate about sharing knowledge and know-how that support personal reflection, curiosity about the world and wise self-management. The evidence-based approach is important to her, so wherever possible, she is willing to take into account the results of research. All activities are designed taking into account adequate measures to evaluate the results. He combines the creative work of a business trainer and consultant with Prince2, Agile, Change Management, Facilitation, and Management 3.0 methodologists. He is an international trainer accredited by APMG International. He practices stoicism, from which he draws pragmatic positive and agile thinking that supports making better decisions and making more satisfying choices.


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