Dr inż. Katarzyna Michałowska-Knap

Professional experience:

Director in reasearch and development affairs and the main specialist in wind energy at Instytut Energetyki Odnawialnej(EC BREC IEO). Between 2001-2005 staff member of European Renewable Energy Center (EC BREC) at Instytut Budownictwa, Mechanizaci i Elektryfikacji Rolnictwa, then a wind energy specialist, wind energy team leader and a deputy director in research and development affairs.

K. Michałowska-Knap jest a graduate from Warsaw University of Technology in environment protection systems (1995). She specialises in terms of wind energy potential and optimalization. She deals with analysis of the market of the electric energy from renewable resources and OZE energy. During her work she was involved in prepairing many expertizes, study works and legal and politic documents projects including ‘Program Rozwoju Energetyki Wiatrowej’ project in Poland and other expertizes on the economic potential of polish wind energy and forecasts of the markets development in OZE energy. During operating at IEO in 2006-2010 she was responsible for ‘due dilligence’ projects of wind farms (in the wind part with cooperation with law firms) with the estimated power of around 2000 MW.

She was a head and a coordinator of a few research projects conducted within the 5th, 6th, 7th edition of EU Research and Development Programmes  and the Intelligent Energy for Europe concerning the estimation of OZE development potential and the formulation of long-term scenarios of integrating OZE with energy system. Since 2003 she’s been a reviewer for applications of new demonstrative and research projects to the framework EU programmes (6PR, 7PR, Horyzont 2020) and CEF Programme.