Prof. Andrzej Blikle

Professional experience:

IT specialist, professor of mathematics, member of Rada Języka Polskiego, researcher, specialist in the field of mathematical IT bases, and a confectionery master.

He’s a graduate from Mathematics and Physics Departament of Warsaw University. He gained his PhD in 1966.

In 1963-1971 he worked in Instytut Matematyczny PAN having reached the position of an associate professor. Then he moved to Centrum Obliczeniowe, and after that he became a professor at Instytut Podstaw Informatyki PAN. Til the end of 90′ he was a lecturer at many international universities i.a. in Berkeley, Copenhagen.

From 1996 he dealt with quality management of enterprises (TQM) carrying out cyclical seminars on the topics in Warsaw.

He’s the author of i.o. ‘Monografia Automatu i Gramatyki, ‘Wstęp do lingwistyki matematycznej (PWN), Warsaw 1971).

In the meantime, he was trained in confectionery and became a confectionery master.

In 1990-2010 (with a short break) he was the chairman of A. Blikle (a  family bakery exisiting from 1869). In 2010-2012 he performed the function of the chairman of Rada Nadzorcza and from 2013 he became the vice-chairman of the company which he shareholds the majority of.