Aleksandra i Piotr Stanisławscy

Professional experience:

A married couple which for over a decade has been writing about science. Bloggers by choice, science journalists by calling.

They publicated i.o. in  ‘Przekrój’, ‘Gazeta Wyborcza’, ‘Rzeczpospolita’, ‘Focus’, ‘Newsweek’, ‘Wiedza i Życie’. After that they had a desire to write on their own account and that’s how the Crazy Nauka was born – first as a Facebook fanpage, then as a blog as well.

They love what they do. Thanks to that Crazy Nauka is the most biggest popular science blog in Poland. Every month the website is visited by around 300 thousand people, on Facebooku they gathered almost 75 thousand fans.

They carry out FBA classes where they talk about the art of media network and the tools of social media.